Stepping Up for Mental Health: London Marathon Run for ANDYS MAN CLUB

At Avenue Group, we believe in making a tangible difference in our community. As part of our Stepchange initiative, which encourages positive transformation and active participation in community causes, we are incredibly proud of Zoe Chilvers. Zoe has taken on the monumental challenge of running the London Marathon in support of ANDYSMANCLUB, a cause that resonates deeply with us all.

ANDYSMANCLUB provides essential mental health support for men, aiming to eliminate stigma and offer a safe space for discussions without judgment.

The London Marathon demands immense physical and mental resilience. Zoe’s journey has been one of rigorous training and steadfast focus, inspiring many within our organization. Her dedication has raised significant funds for ANDYSMANCLUB, helping them extend their reach and impact.

We at Avenue Group are committed to supporting Zoe every step of the way, from sponsoring her marathon entry to organizing events to raise additional funds and awareness. We encourage everyone to join us in supporting Zoe and ANDYSMANCLUB, whether through donations, spreading awareness, or cheering Zoe on during the marathon.

Zoe Chilvers’ participation in the London Marathon for ANDYSMANCLUB exemplifies the positive impact our Stepchange initiative can have. We are incredibly proud of Zoe and her commitment to fostering a healthier, more supportive community for all.

Stepladder Stories: Episode 2 out now

The second instalment in our Stepladder Stories series looks back over the last 15 years with a few of our long-standing clients. We wanted to discuss what they believe to be important when choosing a branding agency. The consensus was clear: infinite ideas, pushing boundaries, and building trust are key factors in delivering great campaigns time and time again.

Equally important is the strength of the client relationship, which plays a crucial role in fostering creativity. Our clients emphasized that a deep, collaborative partnership allows for a profound understanding of their project’s vision and goals. This synergy fuels innovative thinking and ensures that creative ideas are aligned with the brand’s identity and strategic objectives.

When clients feel heard and valued, it cultivates an environment of trust and openness, encouraging the free flow of ideas and the courage to explore bold, unconventional solutions. This mutual respect and collaboration form the bedrock upon which truly exceptional and impactful campaigns are built.

How to keep your office portfolio recession proof

During economic downturns, a robust marketing strategy becomes essential for maintaining a recession-proof office portfolio.

It enhances visibility, attracts tenants, and builds trust, ensuring stable occupancy rates and profitability even in challenging times.

Staying front-of-mind by adapting a well-thought-out marketing strategy during tough times is just one of the ways to weather the storm. By focusing on effective communication and highlighting the value of your properties, you can maintain a competitive edge and secure tenant interest, even in uncertain economic climates.

Studio 185 launches their new look website

Studio 185, has launched a new look to their website, to better represent who studio 185 are and what they can offer their clients. The website, now live at, reflects the agency’s commitment to innovation and creativity in the design industry.

A highlight of the new website is the comprehensive portfolio section, which showcases Studio 185’s diverse range of projects. Visitors can explore case studies that highlight the teams creative process, strategic thinking, and the successful outcomes achieved for their clients..

Looking forward, Studio 185 aims to leverage their new website to further expand their global reach and attract new clients. The website will serve as a platform for sharing industry insights, thought leadership articles, and updates on the latest trends in design and branding.

To explore Studio 185’s new website and learn more about their services, portfolio, and client success stories, visit

Print is not dead. Long live print.

In an increasingly digital world, the enduring power of print in property marketing cannot be underestimated. While digital platforms offer speed and convenience, print materials continue to play a crucial role in building trust, creating impact, and reaching specific audiences.

Printed materials, such as brochures, flyers, and magazines, provide a tangible connection that digital media cannot replicate aswell as lasting impact on potential clients. High-quality brochures and direct mail pieces stand out in a crowded market, conveying a sense of professionalism and commitment to quality.

In conclusion, print is far from dead within property marketing. Its tangible, credible nature continues to make it a valuable tool for building trust, creating impact, and reaching specific audiences. When used strategically alongside digital channels, print remains an essential component of a successful property marketing campaign.

Long live print in property marketing.

The Avenue Group annual retreat

Four companies, one team. The Avenue Group’s annual retreat in August really was one for the books. While stepping away from our daily responsibilities incurs a financial cost, the impact on our morale and team spirit is invaluable. The connections, synergy, and terrible in-jokes fostered during this time transcend generic, forced-fun team-building and lay a foundation for a more integrated and resilient Avenue Group.

It wasn’t just about activities, food, or memorable karaoke attempts. It was about forging intangible, invaluable connections and a renewed sense of purpose that will help us in the year ahead.

As we contemplate “Where to next year?” it becomes more than a logistical decision—it’s an invitation to envision the next chapter of our collective journey. Each retreat marks a milestone in our ongoing story of growth, unity, and, hopefully, excellence.